Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beach Living

So, as some of you may know I moved to the beach!!  Yes this is exactly what I have always wanted and it took two years but I met some amazing people and I am finally living the dream!  This is the way to live in California :)

This is my view from the front yard, I think that truck was there removing sand.  The wind blows it all over our street.
Here is my back yard, it's a glorified kitty box.  The dogs love it
This is my view from the back yard, there are two houses in front of mine and then it's all ocean baby!
This is the kitchen, these people love to cook as much as I do and they have a great six burner stove
And this is the living room.  My bedroom isn't quite set up so I will post more pictures when that's done.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wedding Fun

Last weekend two of our good friends got married, they had a beautiful ceremony with an incredible ocean view behind them. . . Oh, to live in California :)

We were very entertained by a wonderful band called Shades of Day (Yes, that is my boyfriend singing on the left;)
This was cute, the bride chose a Neil Young song to dance to with her father.  I don't know if this was something they did together when Courtney was a kid but it was really cute nonetheless.
This is Jason Meier and Katie Guernsey, two of Micah's best friends!
This was cute, I don't know what they are trying to do but I caught them all making really funny faces.
This is Josh Hooker and his girlfriend Catherine, great people
Hopefully you know who this is :)
Campo and Robyn
The Newlyweds, Matt and Courtney

See the ocean view behind that ladies huge hair?  Haha, she made it hard to take a good picture.

Valentine's Brunch

Every year around Valentine's Day, Micah and his friends have a brunch, this one happened to land right on Valentine's Day.  A lot of friends are in town during this time of year for some reason and it's really fun to get together and hang out over some good food.  I brought my Mom's Christmas morning breakfast dish, which was a hit.  Thanks for the good recipe :)

Here is myself and Micah, I think this was pre food coma.
There were lot's of cute babies!  On the left is Corey, next to her is Suzy and standing up is Courtney. 
This is one of Micah's best friends, Tom and his boy Gibson.  Happiest baby ever!
This is Jason and his girlfriend Lindsay
This is the Hostess Corey, poor thing hosting and dishes.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Micah's Birthday!

I'm in love with a cowboy!  Sometime in November Micah mentioned to me that he would like to have a saloon party, complete with Saloon piano player, saloon girls, cowboys etc.  Right after Christmas, I decided his birthday would be the perfect occasion for such an event.  So, I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a piano player.  I should probably tell you Micah is also a huge fan of the HBO series Deadwood, even to the point that before they tore the set down he went there and collected a few of the memorabilia from the set which is now proudly displayed in his home.  Anyway, I got a few responses to my ad on Craigs, nothing that I was particularly interested in.  About a week after I had the ad posted I got a response with a website and a message saying let me know if you're interested.  Well to my surprise the man responding was the very piano player in the series Deadwood.  Well, we had to get him!  Long story a little longer, we had a dream party for Micah on his birthday this year.  Dave Bourne the piano player was amazing enough to come down and perform for him.  Here are a few pics of that night.

Here is Natalie and I in our saloon girl getups.  If you have watched the series Deadwood, I would be going for the Joni Stubbs look who was a Madame at the Bella Saloon. Nat would be one of my girls :)
Micah and I sitting around the piano player, Dave Bourne, while he amazed us!
Here are some of the saloon girls

Micah, Bruce and Dave Bourne playing a little music for everyone!  It was awesome!
Suzie, going for the Gem saloon look and her beautiful boy Gibson.
Saloon Girls
Mr. David Bourne.  His specialty is late 1700 into late 1800 piano music.  It was such a great night and Micah grinned like a happy little school boy, which made all the hard work of party planning well worth it. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Vacation

Here goes, this year for Christmas I got to go home and I was home on Christmas day! (unlike last year where my crappy job sent us on Christmas break before Christmas so we could be at work on Christmas Day.)  This was probably my best trip yet because I got to stay with everyone and hang out with everyone, I loved it. 

Here's Kelly and Kaycee singing karaoke at Rachel's birthday party.  How cute is she?
Renee sitting with her cute little nephews while listening to the explanation of the game we were about to play.
My cute little Grandpa and my wonderful Mom :)  I love this pic
Ok, I know some people think they have the cutest dog in the world.  But I KNOW I do.  Look at him!  He is so handsome in his little santa suit.
This was the night I spent with Julie, we had a great time catching up and watching movies
Me and Jenn on Christmas morning, looking our best :)
Everyone opening presents, of course when Julie opened her presents she put everything she got right on.
Oh man, this reminds me of when we were all little kids, I don't even know who took this picture but I love it.
More present opening
Oh man, aren't we a sight for sore eyes
Don't worry, Normy got presents too.  Why is this all underlined?

Here is Daddio sporting the usual Santa hat on Christmas morning :)

Ok, so I have like 80 more pictures but since this took me an hour to figure out I will get back to you with them.  Not a bad start though eh?

It's been a while

So, I am probably the worst blogger ever.  For one I haven't really spent the time necessary to figure out this program and two I haven't had a camera in which to post any new pictures.  Alas for Christmas my wonderful parents gave me a great camera and I never leave the house without it.  So, I am attempting to rectify my bad behavior and get to my blog more often.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jen's visit

My cousin and best friend Jenn came out to visit not too long ago.  We had been planning her trip for months and we had a really great time.  I miss having girlfriends!!

My roommate Michael took us out on one of the yachts he works on, here's Jen trying not to get sick.
We did a lot of really fun activities, this day we went to the lake by my house and went fishing. We actually caught something too!
This is me with a really nice wind combover, the wind and my hair have never gotten along.